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Cardmaking Blanks


Cards are a lovely way to express your emotions through words whether these are for love, congratulations, condolences or any other occasion, and now with these Card Making Blanks, you can personalise your message in your own unique way.

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Varieties include:

  • Curious Metal Ice Gold : 250gsm board
  • Curious Metal Ice Silver : 250gsm board
  • Curious Metal Rose Gold : 300gsm board
  • Curious Metal Super Gold : 250gsm board
  • Curious Metal White Gold : 250gsm board
  • Curious Iridescent Europa Ivory : 240gsm board
  • Curious Iridescent Virtual Pearl : 240gsm board
  • Kraft/Brown Board : 160gsm board
  • 12 card blanks per pack.
  • A5 sized board crease in the centre
  • Final card size A6
  • Perfect for arts & crafts, home use and schools *


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