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Creative Torino Paper, Board & Envelopes


RBE’s range of creative paper and boards include the Marble Paper & Board available in 80gsm A4 paper, packs of 100, C6 envelopes in packs of 10 and 160gsm A4 board in packs of 100 sheets.

Assorted colours included in the range.

Great for all your paper requirements.

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  • Compatible with laser & inkjet printers *
  • Perfect for arts & crafts, home use and schools
  • Works well in the office environment

A4 Torino 80gsm paper

  • A4 packs of 10 sheets
  • A4 packs of 50 sheets
  • A4 packs of 100 sheets

A4 Torino 160gsm board

  • A4 packs of 10 sheets
  • A4 packs of 25 sheets
  • A4 packs of 100 sheets

C6 Torino 80gsm envelopes

  • C6 or 114×162 Packs of 10 envelopes


  • Torino Blue
  • Torino Green
  • Torino Lilac
  • Torino Orange
  • Torino Silver
  • Torino Gold


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