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InvisibleShield UV iPhone Sanitizer


Our phones go everywhere with us and get exposed to everything. We touch our phones, we touch our face, and we spread the most common bacteria. Get your phone 360° clean with the InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer. UV-C lights kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria. Even in cracks and crevices, the UV Phone Sanitizer destroys pathogens at the molecular level. In just minutes, you can sanitize your keys, remote controls, and other small objects you handle every day. Four UV-C bulbs, safe for electronic devices, sanitize all exposed sides of your device by destroying pathogens at the molecular level. The InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer has a universal USB-C port and comes with a charging cable.

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Connections And Expansion :

  • USB-C Port and Charging Cable

Made For :

  • iPhone


Additional information

Weight 0.372 kg
Dimensions 24 × 14.6 × 4 cm


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