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MOFT Adhesive foldable laptop stand – Space Grey


MOFT is an adhesive foldable Laptop stand. It’s very easy to use MOFT stand and only takes One Second to open and close it. Light as a pen, slim as a coin only 1/9” thick, you just might forget you’re carrying MOFT around with you. The MOFT stand provides a mobile workstation, and it holds up to a 15.6” laptop MOFT stand is constructed with unique PU and fiberglass material, meaning it’s as strong and stable as other bulkier stands at a fraction of the size! It can hold up more than 8kg. MOFT stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort. The high-lifting mode significantly optimises your sitting posture, applying a 7.6 cm elevation to your computer screen. The low-lifting mode soothes your wrist when typing.

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