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Small Office Shredders
Constant Sensing Jam Free Technology
Designed for the small office with up to 10 people, this advanced Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into little cross cut pieces 4x40mm (P-4 security level). It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes 18 sheets at a time and can fit up to 310 shredded sheets in its compact 34 litre sized bin, in handy recyclable bags.

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  • Features Jam Free technology with continuous sensing
  • Large sheet capacity (19 sheets-70gsm and 18 sheets-80gsm)
  • 4x40mm Cross cut, security level P-4 for extra security
  • 34 litre easy to empty pull out bin
  • Can shred CD, credit cards, staples and paper clips
  • Auto cut out when bin open
  • Noise level is less than 65 dB
  • Easy use controls
  • Unpacked dimensions : Hmm x Wmm x Dmm

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Weight 15.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 39.8 × 61 cm


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